Bring Me The Horizon (BMTH) - Sempiternal Mural

Product Detail

Each mural is a maximum of  2.5 meters in height and is made up of individual sheets of 470mm wide wallpaper. They come in one of 3 widths:

3.29 meters -  7 sheets of paper
3.76 meters -  8 sheets of paper
4.23 meters  - 9 sheets of paper

Alternatively, if you want a specific size we can rework to fit your requirements. Please email us with the dimensions you require and we will quote you the price.

Image Detail

They might not have been around quite so long as many of the bands on the Rock Roll roster, but Bring Me The Horizon haven’t needed much time to make an impact; the Sheffield band are well known for their polarising sound and powerhouse shows.

Featuring geometric shapes the cover from BMTH's 4th album Sempiternal is so far their most iconic to date. So good even Coldplay copied it!  

Creating this look in your room scheme is simple. Like standard wallpaper you can easily hang it yourself, or you may wish to use a professional. All our murals are digitally printed on 180gm paper to maximise the quality of the image. 

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